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Red River Basin - human activities and climate change

Introduction of LEC laboratory

Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry (LEC)
Main field of researchs
  • Monitoring, analysis, and assessment of environmental quality
  • Investigation and assessment of climate change and human activities on environmental ecosystem and water quality
  • Modeling the biogeochemical processes in river and lake systems
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               https://redriverprogram.com/uploaded/image014.jpg   https://redriverprogram.com/uploaded/image025.jpg
In-situ equipment:
  Water quality checker
  pH meter, DO meter, Conductivity meter …
  Water/ Sediment sampling instruments
  Water discharge measurement

Laboratory equipment:
 UV-VIS spectrophotometer
 TOC analyzer
 COD, BOD analytical systems
 Kjeldahl system
 Oven (1200oC; 400oC; 250oC )
 Water distillation system
 Incubator; Balance; Deep frezee
International Cooperation and Education
  • Cooperate with several international research groups: in France (Univ. Paris VI), in Singapore (National Univ. of Singapore) and in Germany (International Graduation School in Zittau) … .
  • Cooperate with universities in formation of under graduate and post graduated students in the field of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry
  • More than 70 papers were published in national, international journals and proceedings of conferences.
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