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Red River Basin - human activities and climate change

Introduction of this website

The need for the public forum to share the knowledge and scientific data concerning the Red River basin (Vietnam, Laos and China) urged us to set up the website (www.redriverprogram.com).
This website is set-up with the support of the present ARCP project which is funded by the Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN). (https://www.apn-gcr.org/)
The website includes several windows concerning the present project such as the background, information, objectives, activities, images – photos, modelling tools, results, publications relating to the projects, data portal for registered users, contact and links for the partners who joined and funded the projects.
This website provides to the public some selected dataset (water quality, meteorology,human activities…) as well as the modelling tools and/or the resultsobtained during the researches. We try to update all possible information relating to the Red River basin in terms of research and management for the interested researchers, young scientists as well as students.It is also the playgrounds and sharing rooms for the researchers who want to publicize their scientific researches concerning the Red River basin.
With the website, researchers, concerned people and decision-makers can be brought together for the animation of an interactive and visible tools on the whole Red River basin.

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