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Collection of reports concerning the Red River basin (Vietnam and China)

Dobes, Leo (2010)

CCEP working paper 7.10, Centre for Climate Economics & Policy, Crawford School of Economics and Government, The Australian National University, Canberra.
Notes on applying ‘real options’ to climate change adaptation measures, with examples from Vietnam  

Do Minh Duc, Mai Trong Nhuan, Pham Van Cu (2009)

Climate Change: Impacts and Opportunities for  the Red River Basin and Delta, Vietnam

Nguyen Minh Son (2008)

Water quality Component

Hoang Duc Hanh, Nguyen The Dong (2008)

The Current State of River Basins in Vietnam Pollution and Solution. The Third WEPA International Forum on Water Environment Governance

Nguyen Thai Lai, et al,.(2007)

DAY-NHUE RIVER BASIN pollution source study.  ICEM - The International Centre for Environmental Management Department of Water Resources Management, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment December 2007

Nienke de Bode (2006)

Developing Good Agricultural Practices for vegetable production in Hanoi:  a chain-oriented approach

Tran Duy Binh, et al,. (2003)

Climate change in Vietnam 2003. Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, Ministry of Natural Resources and Enviroment. 2003, Hanoi.

Dr. S.P. Kam (2001)

geographic information systems specialist
Strengthening linkages between research and development Project 11: Enhancing ecological sustainability and improving livelihoods through ecoregional approaches to integrated natural resource management  

Pham Xuan Su, et al,.(2000)

Bennett-2000-ADBTA-2871-VIE-Land-Use-Water-Management-RRB. Final Report on Management Study on Land Use and Water Management. 5 August 2000.
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