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Red River Basin - human activities and climate change
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1 Faecal indicator bacteria and organic carbon in the Red River, Viet Nam: measurements and modelling Huong Thi Mai NGUYEN, Defended on March 18th 2016
2 Study on water resources changes in Red River delta in context of climate change Tien Vinh LAI, Defended on 2016
3 Integrated water resources management in the Red River basin, Vietnam Michaël Witter,  Defended on May 2016
4 Reliability analysis of the Red River dike system in Vietnam Quang Tu PHAM , Defended on October 8th 2014
5 Déterminants physiques et biologiques de l’infiltration: cas d’études de sols tropicaux en Afrique, en Asie et en Amérique Latine Jean-Louis JANEAU, Soutenue le: 10 juillet 2014 à Toulouse
6 Basic study on hydrogeochemical assessment of groundwater quality in the Red River delta of Vietnam Thanh Thuy NGUYEN, Defended on September 2014
7 Designing and testing permanent vegetable production systems for the Red River Delta, Vietnam Thi Thu Huong PHAM, Defended on April 8th 2014

8 Impacts of land cover change on hydrological regime patterns over the Red River basin, Vietnam: a model based analysis Alessia Goffi, Defended on 2014
9 Modeling reservoirs system for multiple objectives in the Red River basin of vietnam Viet Hoang TRAN , Defended on 2014  
10 Tidal characteristics of the Gulf of Tonkin Nguyet Minh NGUYEN, Defended on May 21st 2013
11 Wastewater and excreta use in agriculture in northern Vietnam: health risks and environmental impacts Phuc Pham-Duc, Defended on  July 29th 2013
12 Heavy metal contamination in water and sediment of To Lich river in inner city Hanoi  Thi Thuong NGUYEN, Defended on September 24th 2013
13 Total factor productivity in Vietnamese agriculture and its determinants Bao Dinh HO, Defended on May 2012
14 Sustainability assessment of vegetable cultivation systems in the Red River delta, Vietnam Tien Long NGUYEN, Defended on December 14th 2012
15 Erosion et transferts de matieres en suspension, carbone et metaux dans le bassin versant du fleuve rouge depuis la frontiere sino-Vietnamienne jusqu'a l'entree du delta
Thi Ha DANG, thèse soutenue le 18 Mars 2011.
16 Chemical and Biological investigations of Vietnamese cyanobacteria Le Thi Anh Tuyet, Defended on 2010
17 Water quality and nutrient transfers in the continuum from the upstream Red River basin to the delta: budget and modelling
Thi Nguyet Minh LUU, Defended on September 28th 2010
18 Arsenic mobilization processes in the Red River delta, Vietnam towards a better understanding of the patchy distribution of dissolved arsenic in alluvial deposits
Elisabeth Eiche, Defended on May 20th 2009
19 Groundwater arsenic in the Red River delta, Vietnam: regional distribution, release, mobility and mitigation options Søren Jessen, Defended on November 2009
20 Trace metals in soils irrigated with waste water in a periurban area downstream Hanoi City, Vietnam Josef Bjuhr, Defended on 2007
21 Soil erosion and nitrogen leaching in northern Vietnam: Experimentation and modelling
Van Trinh MAI, Defended on April 17th 2007.
22 Modeling nutrient transport from agricultural fields fertilized with sewage sludge, maumee river basin
Jason E. Blocker, Defended on August 2007
23 Isolation of antibiotic and cytotoxic compounds from some Vietnamese Cyanobacteria Thi Ngoc Ha BUI, Defended on 2006
24 Holocene evolution of the central Red River delta, northern Vietnam lithological and mineralogical investigations Thi Hong Lieu NGUYEN, Defended on July 13rd 2006
25 Responses of periphytic diatoms to organic and metallic pollution in NhueTolich hydrosystem (Hanoi, Vietnam) and Lot-Riou Mort hydrosystem (France)
Thi Thuy DUONG, Defended on December 15th 2006.
26 Numerical methods for parameter estimation and optimal control of the Red River network Hong Thai TRAN, Defended on July 8th 2005
27 Biogeochemical functioning of the Red River (North Vietnam): Budgets and modelling
Thi Phuong Quynh LE, Defended on July 7th 2005
28 Study of water quality of a urban river hydro system in the periphery of Hanoi (Vietnam); experiments and modelling
Anh Duc TRINH, Defended on December 22th 2003
29 Holocene sedimentation on the Vietnamese shelf: from source to sink Alexander Schimanski, Defended on 2002
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