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Red River Basin - human activities and climate change


A training course is organized during two days 16th - 17th November 2016 for about 30 Vietnamese, Chinese, and Singapore young scientists and students.
The first day of the training course provides for participants
+) a  review about the recent understandings of carbon emission from the world rivers: source, sinks, factors impacted
+)  how to calculate or to measure carbon emission from the river air-water interface?
The second day of the training course with the Seneque-Riverstrahlermodel  aims at synthetizing the work realized on the Red River upstream basin and the Day River on the right side of the delta. The several applications of the model concern the biogeochemical functioning of the drainage network in terms of sources and fate of (i) N, P, Si and their potential role for eutrophication and (ii) fecal contamination and organic carbon. The model was implemented in parallel to field and experimental studies for short period during the duration of 3 Ph-D thesis (2003-2004: Le TPQ, 2005; 2006-2008: Luu TNM. 2010; 2013-2014: Nguyen TMH, 2016). In addition, long term reconstruction, back the 1960’s, has been realized with the model on the basis of existing data (Le et al, 2014) and scenarios for the future explored. 
During this training the data gathered separately from these previous studies will be mobilized together. 


PhD students:
A sandwich thesis, under the training cooperation between the University of Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris, France) and the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST, Vietnam) (2013 –2015) is financially supported by the IRD French Institution. The thesis topic is the behavior of Coliforms in relationship with organic dissolved and particulate carbon fluxes, and aims to quantify the proportion of carbon issued from domestic waste water compared to the one issued from erosion and soils leaching in the Red River basin, including inorganic, organic and gazeous.
Cooperating with a NAFOSTED project, another PhD student has been working on the impact of human activities on phytoplankton community of the Red River system at the IET, VAST.

Master students:
The ARCP present project supports for two Master students from University of Science and Technology (USTH, Hanoi) who work on the topic of measurement of carbon exchange at the water-air interface of the Red River and carbon transfer in the whole Red River system.

Undergraduate students:
From 2012, about 16 undergraduate students from the Hanoi University of Natural Resources And Environment (HUNRE), Thanh Tay University, Thanh Do University and University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) realize their bachelor thesis at INPC and IET with scientific topics related to this ARCP project.

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